Seibi Lee, Artistic Director

Seibi Lee is a Kathak soloist and principal member of the internationally acclaimed Chitresh Das Dance Company and began her study of kathak with Pandit Chitresh Das in 1991.
In all classical arts, it is important to first delve deeply into the tradition, establish oneself with respect to this and then eventually find one’s own voice within the tradition. Seibi Lee has accomplished this through the development of a great range dramatic performances: Mantara, Vishwamitra, Hanuman, Marich, and the Guru in Pandit Das’s final choreography SHIVA and numerous performances of the traditional Kathak solo.
She began mentoring dancers in 2002 and has produced several shows including “An Evening of Kathak Dance: Next Generation” (8 upcoming dancers presenting aspects of a traditional Kathak solo), “Pacific Pathways” (7 dance forms from around the world performing in celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month) and “Harvest Moon Festival” (featuring 3 solo artists representing the dance of India, Bali and Hawaii with stories of the full moon). She has also forged her own unique creative path with choreography for Houyi and Chang’e - a beloved Chinese story told in Kathak style. She trains students and teachers and choreographs including members of the pre- professional Chhandam Youth Dance Company.
"Once in a lifetime, all of the aspects of one’s experience converge. For me, this has been in the art form of Kathak and the deeply inspirational training with Pandit Chitresh Das that began in 1991. My master’s degree specializing in harp performance and experience as a professional musician, my degree in the sciences, and my love for the dance have given me a unique passion for the four core aspects of Kathak: tayari (technique), laykari (the ability to play with rhythm), khoobsurti (grace in movement), and nazakat (subtlety of gesture) and the history, philosophy and sophisticated mathematics that pervade this dance. Although developed in India, there is an inherent universality to the art form of Kathak that speaks across generations and across cultures”...Seibi Lee.
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