CDDC Repetoire - Darbar
Created by Pandit Chitresh Das, and presented by an all female cast, the Chitresh Das Dance Company brings the Mughal Courts to life in Darbar.  In conjunction with the Asian Art Museum's exhibit, 'Maharaja: the Splendor of India's Royal Courts,' Darbar highlights the artistic renaissance that took place in the courts of North India, as well as the methodology of dive and rule utilized by the British to conquer India and dissolve the courts.

Darbar is a representation of the rich artistic and cultural legacy of the courts, as well as a statement about the responsibility of power and the risk of corruption --concepts still relevant today.

  • image "Darbar breathed life into the timeline of Indian history from the decadent 18th century and 19th century Mughal courts until their fall to the British Raj." Claudia Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle
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Darbar Photo Gallery // Credits - Margo Moritz & Matthew Summer

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Past Tour Dates //  March 15-18, 2012 - Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

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