Das Solo - Master of Tradition

CDDC Repetoire - Das Solo
Master of Tradition showcases Pandit Chitresh Das' exhilarating and legendary tour-de-force solo of dance, rhythm, & epic tales of ancient India - accompanied by some of India's greatest musicians.

Pandit Chitresh Das has become one of the most dynamic and far-reaching artists to have emerged from modern India. A prolific artist, his traditional performances, choreography and evolution of Kathak, the classical dance of North India, have influenced the art form world-wide.

Pandit Das was schooled in both major Kathak traditions, embodying each in his artistry: the graceful and sensual elements of the Lucknow school combined with the dynamic and powerful rhythms and movements of the Jaipur School.

With this foundation, Pt Chitresh Das brings ancient Indian traditions to the modern times through speed, power, grace and beauty.

  • image "This is a good time as any to step back a little and pay tribute to one of the most committed ambassadors of Indian culture in the West. While political analysts and theorists like to talk about the profound “soft influence” of culture, Das has shown its enormous power by example. Ashfaque Swapan, India West
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Pandit Das' Legendary Solo - Pt.1
Pandit Das' Legendary Solo - Pt.2
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