Darlene Dhillon

Anjali Nath
Darlene began her Kathak training in 1999 at San Francisco State University in Pt. Das’ accredited course and has been teaching at Chhandam since 2005. The same year she joined the administrative staff of the Chitresh Das Dance Company where she enjoyed working behind the scenes on several productions and tours for five years.
In the Summer of 2003, Ms. Dhillon had the great honor of accompanying Pt. Das to India where she assisted him at his teaching residency in Pune and she performed alongside the students of our sister school, Chhandam Nritya Bharati in Kolkata. In addition she has performed and toured in such CDDC productions as Darbar, Sita Haran, and she performs frequently in Bay Area schools as part of Chhandam's arts education program.
Darlene views the art of Kathak as a vehicle towards self-actualization and empowerment.


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