Seema Mehta

Seema Mehta Principal Company Member
Seema began training under renowned Kathak maestro Pandit Chitresh Das in 2000. As a soloist, she has performed with live musicians at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in India.
In March 2014, Seema Mehta came together with the renowned thumri singer Dhanashree Pandit Rai where they colored the stage with various songs on Holi, titled Aaj Rang Hai. Seema is an expert practitioner and performer of Pt. Das’ innovation- Kathak Yoga, where she sings a melody while playing the harmonium and performs complex compositions, rhythms or chhands at the same time. Trained in the Lucknow and Jaipur gharanas of Kathak, she has a strong sense of Layakari.
Seema is the Director of Chhandam Nritya Bharati-India where she teaches over 60 students in Mumbai. She has worked with the children of Kolkata’s red light areas, the New Light Project in particular empowering them through Kathak. She taught children from the Akanksha and SMILE Foundations in Mumbai. Currently, she is working on empowering them through dance and training a select few to become teachers. Seema’s vision is to touch lives through her work. Seema created an annual property called Happy Feet where her students visit an NGO and perform for them, dance to give them joy.
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