Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Traditions Engaged?

Traditions Engaged will be an historic event bringing together master and emerging artists, scholars, leaders, critics, presenters and funders to explore the role and relevance of India’s traditional classical dance and music forms in a global world.

The Festival will feature stellar performances, intimate lecture demonstrations and engaging discussions featuring some of the world’s leading as well as emerging Indian classical artists and musicians.

2. How can I register for Traditions Engaged?

a. Online – Click on Attend > Registration and Tickets.  You will be able to choose your package and process a credit card payment through Google Checkout

a. By Mail:  Download and complete the registration form,  indicating which packages you would like to attend.  Enclose the completed registration form and your check or credit card information and mail it to our U.S. office at the following address:

Traditions Engaged
c/o The Chitresh Das Dance Company
2325 3rd Street, Suite# 320
San Francisco, CA   94107

c. At Chhandam branches – Registration and ticket sales will also be available at the Chhandam School branches.  Please bring your check or credit card information to fill out the form onsite.

3. What does the full three-day registration packet include?

Registration fee includes attendance to all lectures/demonstrations and performances (afternoon and evening), and the opening night reception.  Seats for all performances are automatically reserved when individuals pay registration fee.  Seats reserved for registrants will be at the $45 level.

4. Are lunch and snacks provided for Traditions Engaged registrants?

Registrants for Traditions Engaged will subsequently receive information regarding meal options.
Please also note that Traditions Engaged is being held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), located in downtown San Francisco. YBCA is located amidst a diverse range of restaurants and dining establishments.  Visit our website for updated information on nearby restaurants and dining options.  Please note that snacks and refreshments will be provided at all receptions.

5. Do I get a discount to Traditions Engaged for being a Chhandam student?

YES!  Chhandam students are eligible for a discount. In addition, Chhandam family members receive The Chhandam family discount, where each subsequent member gets 30% off! (see pricing structure above).

6. Who is eligible for The Chhandam Family discount?

Parents, children, grandparents, siblings, spouse and in-laws of Chhandam students are eligible for the Chhandam family discount.

7. Can I combine the group and family discounts?

Please note that Traditions Engaged discounts cannot be combined!

8. Can I upgrade my pass at a later date or add family members to my pass at a later date?

YES! Registrants can upgrade their pass(es) at a later date and/or add family members to their pass(es).  However, please note that the upgrade price will be based on most current prices.

9. Is it possible to purchase tickets just for performances, and not daytime activities?

YES! Ticket Sales for individual performances will open in August 2010.

10. Where is the festival being held?

October 1-3, Traditions Engaged is being held at one of San Francisco’s finest performing arts venue, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  They are located at 701 Mission St. in downtown San Francisco.  For more details on the venue please visit www.ybca.org.

October 8-10, Traditions Engaged is being held at one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious performing arts venue, RedCat Theater in Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Red Cat is located at 631 West 2nd St. in Los Angeles.  For more details on the venue please visit www.redcat.org.

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