Children and Youth Classes

Children and Youth Division


Year-Round Educational Program

Chhandam’s children and junior division provides an age-appropriate, standards-based education for students ages 6 to 17 in kathak dance.

Introductory Kathak
Children IA (Ages 6-8)
Preteens/Teens IA (Ages 9-17)
~ 1- 1.5 years

Students are introduced to basic kathak movement, rhythm and music fundamentals, hand gestures, and basic storytelling in a fun and nurturing environment. Upon completion of two semesters student have the opportunity to participate in a recital performance. Classes meet once a week over two 16-week semesters in the spring and fall.  Advancement to next level is based on consistent attendance, participation in recital performance, in-class evaluation, and attendance of professional performance.  

Fundamentals of Kathak
Preteens/Teens IB (Ages 8-17)
~1-1.5 years

Students focus on development of kathak technique including footwork, pirouettes, recitation, and are introduced to foundational kathak vocabulary and compositions.  They also learn expression and storytelling that is fundamental to kathak In addition to classes ranging from 90-120 minutes, students participate in regular intensives with international dance and music faculty. Advancement is based on in-class teacher evaluations, home practice, and participation in community performances.

Milestone: Gungroo Ceremony

Intermediate Kathak 
Preteens II (Ages 8-12)
Teens II (Ages 13-17)
~1-1.5 years

Students begin to develop speed, endurance, and strength of body positioning.  They learn new repertoire, develop knowledge in more sophisticated rhythms and compositions, and delve deeper into storytelling and expression.  They also begin to understand the intimate relationship of dance and music. Performance opportunities increase and students are considered for recommendation to audition for the Chhandam Youth Dance Company.  Advancement is based on consistent attendance, home practice logs, history presentations, music training, in-class evaluations, and attendance of professional performances.   

Advanced Study in Kathak
Level III
Chhandam Youth Dance Company

Students with talent and dedication receive the opportunity to pursue immersive and advanced studies in kathak. Some students choose to audition to be part of the Chhandm Youth Dance Company – a pre-professional training, leadership, and performance troupe.  Other students continue into the advanced study program, which focuses on ensuring that students develop advanced technique, an expansive vocabulary and repertoire, foundational skills in music and percussion, and strong performance skills. Students participate in weekly training in kathak and hindustani classical music, in immersion retreats that bring kathak students together from around the world, and community and pre-professional performances.  After completion of Level III, students have the option to begin apprentice training for professional pursuit.  


Each year, Chhandam hosts intensives for children, teens and adults that allow students the opportunity to deepen their study of Kathak Dance and Hindustani Classical Music. Intensives often feature guest faculty from Chhandam affiliate schools and music faculty from India. Intensives provide prime opportunities for students to strengthen their technique, learn new repertoire and accelerate their progress.

National Summer Camp & Youth Summit

Each year, Chhandam partners with its sister school, the Leela Academy in Los Angeles, and Sureela Academy in Denver, to conduct a summer camp for children ages 5-12 and a youth summit for teens ages 13-17.  Both programs aim to provide students with the opportunity to study Kathak Dance and Hindustani Classical Music in an immersive environment, with some of the world’s most renowned artists and educators. When not taking place in the Bay Area, students of all ages are hosted with host families for a week of not only dance education but cultivation of deep friendships that last a lifetime.  The summer 2020 camp and summit will be hosted in Los Angeles. Registration and additional details will be available in January 2020.

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Inquiries: (415) 333-9000

***Fall Session is Online***

In-Person Locations:
San Francisco
Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing
245 5th Street

MUCID - The Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance
1800 Dwight Way

MDPA - Mission Dance and Performing Arts
42400 Blacow Road